Ugly Houses in Stockton Are Not Hard to Sell

It’s a Real Estate Myth that Ugly Houses in Stockton are hard to sell.

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We Buy Houses Stockton, even Ugly Houses

The Buying and Selling of Ugly Houses is not difficult at all. In fact it is easier than selling a pretty house for the following 7 reasons.

  • The Buyers of Ugly houses pay cash
  • There are No Banks involved so no Loans that never get approved
  • There is No Appraisal that you have to pay for or worry about a low appraisal killing the sale
  • There are No inspections and/or requests for Repairs
  • Closings are fast
  • There are no Real Estate Agents involved
  • There are no Commissions to Pay

The truth is that it just takes a level of expertise that requires a specialist, and I am not talking about calling a real estate agent that will want a commission for what I am going to tell you to do.

Ugly Houses in Stockton Are Not Hard to Sell

If you own an Ugly House you need to call in an expert, someone like me, a “We Buy Houses that are UGLY” Company that will write the check for your UGLY house.

It is 2017 and if you have a smart phone, Tablet or Computer just Google;

  • We Buy Houses Stockton

  • We Buy Houses That are Ugly Stockton

  • Cash Buyers of Ugly Houses Stockton

  • Who Buys Houses that are Ugly Stockton

  • Who will buy my UGLY House Stockton

These are your cash buyers. They will make you an all cash offer and the majority of them will be very competitive.

Cash Home Buyers Stockton
If you Need to Sell Your House Fast Consider a Local Cash Home Buyer in Stockton

Ugly houses have a specific market and unless you are talking to the people that buy these types of UGLY houses you are wasting your time and money because if you call a real estate agent, they will either;

  1. Pick up the phone and call me for an all cash offer (you pay the commission)
  2. Ask you to spend thousands to get your house in “market ready condition”

But the worst mistake an owner of an Ugly House in Stockton can do is do NOTHING at all because your ugly house is going sit and deteriorate and just get Uglier.

My name is Peter Westbrook and I am a Real Estate Investor with Westbrook Real Estate Investments and We buy houses in any condition in Stockton, California.

The latest statistics on housing purchases saw that only 1 in 5 buyers in the market for real estate can actually qualify to get a new home loan. Think about it. Even if you were to do everything the Real Estate Agent asked you to do to get your house ready for a sale, what are the chances that someone that made an offer on your house could actually qualify for a loan and actually close on the sale.

In my experience it is slim and what I see are a lot of frustrated homeowners that have spent thousands of dollars rehabbing a house only to find that it sits. Or worse, they will never get the money back that they spent to get the house ready for the sale.

If you have an unwanted UGLY house, or a house that needs repairs beyond your budget then you need to call me and I will speak to you personally regarding all of your options.

I have been a real estate investor for several years and I can just pay cash for the house. Whatever your unique situation is I can help. Please Call me at 209-481-7780 for a confidential meeting so we can discuss your Real Options in today’s Stockton Real Estate Market.

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Peter Westbrook

Peter Westbrook is a local Cash Home Buyer / Real Estate Investor in Stockton, Sacramento and Modesto CA and Tulsa Oklahoma. He has written numerous real estate articles that have been published here and by other blog and news outlets. Peter has appeared on several local and national news reports regarding the state of the Stockton and Sacramento Real Estate Markets.

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