What’s Behind the Sign? I Buy Houses

What’s Behind the Sign?

We’ve all seen the signs way up on telephone poles… “I Buy Houses In Any Condition” or “Stop Foreclosure”. Who’s kidding Who? Are they Serious?

I mean… Really? If I want to sell a house I just call a Real Estate Agent… Right?

Who puts those signs up anyway? Do they actually have Money to Buy my House? Even if they did have Money, why would they buy my House when there are so many others out there for sale?

The simple answer is YES!

I Buy Houses in Any Condition

The signs are real and they hit right at the core of what we do at Westbrook Real Estate Investments. We answer lots questions and in the end We Buy Houses, in any Condition, in any neighborhood and we Pay Cash!

It is a reality that these signs are met with a healthy skepticism, but should they be? In an economy where people are having a hard time making payments let alone keeping up with the maintenance, there are lots of distressed houses that are not on the market but would be if the owners knew about this very simple option. Throw into that mix a second or even third house that was a rental property, or an inherited house that is in need of repairs and you have a classic recipe for an asset quickly turning into a liability.

So who hangs these signs that shout We buy houses and pay cash?

The answer is surprisingly simple… I am behind the SIGN… my name is Peter Westbrook and when you call, chances are I will answer the phone personally. If not,  you will get my personal voice mail. In either case I will be the one talking to you. There is nothing magical about me or what I do. I buy Houses, and I pay cash.

So give me a call, pick my brain, get a fair cash offer for your house and at the end of the day we will be friends whether I end up buying your house of not. 209-481-7780

What have you got to lose?



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